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Roof Snow Removal North of Boston

“Historic.” “Epic.” “Unprecedented.” That’s what New Englanders were calling the snowstorms in Jan/Feb 2015 that dumped several feet of snow within a couple weeks. It put a load on our roofs.

Duval’s crews worked non-stop to clear roofs of snow and ice dams in Reading and Andover. Snow depth on roofs continued to be a major issue for homeowners through late winter and early spring.

Thankfully, we didn’t see a lot of problems with roof collapse dangers for our residential customers along the North Shore.

The biggest problem for homeowners due to all this snow on roofs is the potential for ice dams and resulting leaks that can cause significant damage to your house.

These icicles are a sign that ice dams are forming along the roof edge and gutters. The snow on the roof acts as insulation for the ice, which is formed from the heat of the house. Our crews remove the snow and then add a snow melt product to the ice which will not damage the shingles, but helps melt the ice.

If snow is not removed and we go through several freeze/thaw cycles, ice dams will worsen and the likelihood of leaks will increase.

Our crews are expert roofers who know how to clear snow without damaging shingles, skylights, chimneys, gutters or other parts of your roof. They also have safety equipment for what can be a very dangerous job. If the snow is piling up on your North Shore roof, contact Duval Roofing about our roof snow removal service.

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