Ken Duval was born and raised in North Reading. He still lives there himself, and he based Duval Roofing there when he started the company in 1991. Even so, to replace four roofs on four houses on one street in his home town within one week was unusual, and a testament to the company’s excellent reputation in the area.

Installing new roof over garage

The development around Lilah Lane in Reading, MA was constructed in the 1980s so most of the homes were due, or overdue, for new roofs. In fact, Ken estimates his company has already re-roofed nearly 40% of the homes in the area.

No driveway dumpsters are ever used

When the first Lilah Lane homeowner contacted Duval, the company was booked several weeks out. After they were on the schedule, the homeowner started talking to the neighbors, who were also persuaded that the time had come for a new roof, and Duval Roofing was the right contractor at the right price.

Because of the advanced booking, Duval was able to schedule four homes on the same street for the same week. The jobs started on a Monday and were finished by that Friday.

Job completed in one day so roof does not remain unprotected

No portions of roof were left unshingled on any of the four nights. As on all of Duval’s roofing jobs, all debris was removed from the property at the end of each day, and no driveway dumpsters were ever used.

Almost all of our roofing jobs are completed in one day, which minimizes the disruption for the homeowner and assures that the house does not remain unprotected.

So check with your neighbors, and contact us if you’d like to have a roofing party on your street!

A new roof will protect your home for decades