Roof Snow Removal

  • Duval Roofing’s experienced crews work throughout the winter to remove snow from roofs to prevent ice dams, leaks and reduce excess weight.
  • Our workers are trained professionals who can avoid many of the mistakes that lead to roof damage. We typically do not attempt to remove ice because of the risk for damage, instead clearing snow from the roof and applying calcium chloride to the ice dams.
  • Our OSHA-trained workers are used to being on roofs day after day and are better able to find vents and skylights under snow to avoid damage. We don’t use sub-contractors or temporary help.
  • Duval Roofing has full liability insurance against roof damage (not all contractors have liability insurance specified for roofing) and workman’s comp.

What to Expect from
Our Snow Removal Service

  • Our crews are trained to perform the often dangerous work of removing snow from roofs.
  • That snow is going to land on the ground below the roof and may fall on landscaping, decks, walkways, and driveways. Please be prepared with appropriate protection for anything valuable below the roof line.
  • Our quotes for roof snow removal are for removing snow from the roof only. In some cases, we may be able to clear snow from the ground for an additional fee, or you may wish to contact your regular snow removal service for any necessary plowing from the ground once the roof is cleared.
  • Payment for roof snow removal is due on the day of service. 
  • Safety is always our primary concern, and there are high risks involved in traversing snow and ice-covered roofs. We may refuse service if we feel clearing the roof would be too dangerous for our crew.
  • We welcome your inquiries about roof snow removal. During extreme events, please review our Priority Response System to learn how we allocate our crews’ limited time, and then contact us about a quote and scheduling using the form on this page.

Snow Removal Request

Duval prioritizes service for existing customers during extreme weather events. If your roof was installed by us, please include the month and year below so that we can verify your status.

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