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North Andover Condominiums Get New Roof

Because of leaks and ventilation issues, the condo committee at Brookside Condominiums sought multiple bids from North Andover roofers for a roof replacement in 2011, awarding the contract to Duval Roofing because of our excellent referrals, local reputation, pricing and efficiency.

Our greatest challenge with this job was to allow constant access to individual homeowners while protecting them from the disruption of the roofing process. In addition, because of the leaks and ventilation issues, we needed to crawl around in individual attic spaces to find the problems and fix them prior to the roof installation.

Roof power vents were added to resolve trapped heat in the warm months. Unlike traditional free flowing ventilation, power vents are fans that draw heat out from the attic through the roof. They can be powered by electricity or solar, and can be turned on manually but in most cases are set by thermostat. The advantage is a much cooler home in the summer months. Every effort is made to install the roof vents in the back of the building so they are not visable from the street.

Since entryways to the condominiums were all directly below roofline and residents could enter or exit without warning at any time, our roofers took extra precautions to protect residents from falling debris and to keep the site clean and neat during the two days it took to complete each roof. Old shingles were removed carefully and placed in disposal trucks for transport from the property. Special barriers were set up with heavy canvas, and a safety monitor kept watch to make sure the site was clean and safe.

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