Roof Replacement

Duval Roofing specializes in residential roof replacement for North Shore towns in Massachusetts.

Our specialization is key to our ability to offer the highest quality work at the lowest possible prices. Here are several ways we have fine-tuned our expertise to become the North Shore’s leading roofing contractor.

Location: We serve 15 towns on Massachusetts' North Shore

Our geographic specialization is based on proximity to our 3-acre commercial site in North Reading where we store roofing materials in bulk and park our fleet of trucks and equipment. Our roofers can get to your house quickly with all the materials and equipment they need to complete your job in the least amount of time possible, saving you money and disruption.

By working in Middlesex and Essex counties for more than 30 years, we’ve experienced first-hand all the furies New England weather can throw at a roof. We know what kinds of problems arise and how to solve them. We know which materials work best and for how long. At Duval Roofing, our customer service promises are backed by decades of experience.

Duval's Equipment Fleet

Building Type: We specialize in residential roof replacement

In the early days of Duval Roofing’s development, Ken and his crew worked on a variety of structures, re-roofing many churches and commercial buildings in the area, along with homes. Ken even displayed his abilities as a master craftsman by installing a slate roof with many custom features on his own home and the house at his shop.

But over the years it became clear that he could become more efficient and provide better service by focusing on roof replacement for homes. Ken’s constant drive for improvement is epitomized in the company’s process for completing a new roof in one day.

Roof type: We specialize in re-roofing with asphalt shingles

There are many types of roofs, but for our customer base in our location, we have found that asphalt shingles are the most durable and cost-effective solution for most homeowners. Asphalt roofs last 40 years or more which covers the time most people will live in their homes. Materials are cheaper and they are cheaper to install than, for example, metal roofing.

Duval will also install Modified Bitumen Membrane (which is four times thicker than traditional rubber membrane) as some homes have flat roofs or sections of roofs where asphalt shingles aren’t appropriate.

Because we specialize in asphalt shingle roofs, we can keep our costs down by stocking only the materials we know we will use. Those savings are passed on to you.

residential roof replacement

Service Type: Roof Replacement not Repair

When Ken was starting out in the roofing business, he did more than his fair share of roof repairs. Over the years, what he learned is that it’s often impossible to detect the true source of a leak and therefore hard to guarantee the work. Repairs would often involve poor installation by a previous roofer. There could also be invisible problems with deck boards or underlayments that simple repairs wouldn’t fix.

Our roof replacements come with our 10-year warranty on workmanship (one of the longest in the industry) so that we both know the roof on your home is lasting and secure.

Roofing is Duval's only business

We are experts at what we do. Several of the roofers on Duval’s crews have been with the company for 10 years or more and they work as a team. We don’t use subcontracted labor.

The result for you is quality workmanship on a new roof that lasts.

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