Union Congregational Church on Haverill Street in North Reading had multiple leaks due to the snow pack and ice dams on their roof. We sent a crew of five men on a Saturday afternoon to avoid the main crowds between their evening events and morning services.

Shoveling snow from the church's roof

The Church had a flat roof with several feet of snow due to drifts, and they were particularly concerned about the weight on that section. Elsewhere there were heavy ice dams leading to interior leaks.

The crew shoveled the snow from the roofs then applied a heavy dose of calcium chloride (a safe and effective de-icer) behind the ice dams.

Roofers clearing snow

We don’t typically try to remove the ice because any kind of chipping or scraping will damage the shingles.

Ice dams no longer insulated by snow pack

Our phones are already ringing with calls from customers who know they will need roof repairs in the spring because of damage done by inexperienced contractors clearing roofs. It’s a dangerous job and hard to find vent pipes or skylights under several feet of snow.

Skilled roofers make quick work of clearing snow

We only employ trained roofers and have full workman’s comp and liability insurance. If you need help clearing snow and ice from your roof in the Reading/North Reading area, contact us for a professional job that’s safe for you and your roof.