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Roof Replacement for Home in North Andover

Duval Roofing installed a new roof on this Lancaster Ave. home in North Andover, MA in May 2014.

Our crews typically include six skilled roofers and six additional workers on the ground so that we can work quickly, safely and efficiently. Most roofing jobs are completed in one day.

In the photo above workers are installing the ice and water shield along the lower six feet of the horizontal roof line. Sometimes called a water and ice “membrane,” or “guard,” this roofing underlayment protects our New England homes from leaks, espescially those due to ice dams. It is rolled out with a sticky backing that adheres to the wood deck surface in a watertight bond. The roof shingles are installed over the membrane which self-seals around the new roof nails for better leak protection.

As with all our roofing jobs, debris is deflected away from the landscape shrubbery with heavy canvas tarps made especially for this purpose. A final clean up is done with a walk-through using magnetic rollers, rakes or hand held wands to make sure no roofing materials remain. In the fall we also take up most of the leaves and perform a final gutter clean-up. Many of our customers are happily surprised to find the property neater after we are done than before we arrived!

Looking for an expert roofing contractor in the North Andover, MA area? Duval Roofing has installed well over 7,000 roofs for your neighbors. Contact us today for a free estimate. 

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