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Old South United Methodist Church, pictured above, has been a focal landmark at the head of Reading Square for generations. The newest roof was installed by Duval Roofing in the fall of 2011. We have installed far more roofs for historical sites and homes in Reading than any other contractor. Not long ago Duval installed new roofs on four homes in Reading in one week . . . and all were on the same street!

In 2017, Duval was voted the Best Roofing Contractor in Reading, Massachusetts!

Duval Roofing has over 5,000 references of satisfied customers in the Merrimack Valley and North Shore areas of Massachusetts. The company is headquartered in North Reading, where the owner, Ken Duval, was born and raised. You can read more about the evolution of Duval Roofing and Ken Duval’s story here.

Professionalism is our top priority. All debris is removed from the site on the completion day. No dumpsters are used. We also recycle all of our waste and ship it to a Western Massachusetts facility. This provides us with further operational savings that are passed on to you!

We are able to purchase our material directly from the manufacturers and store it locally because of we own our own 3-acre commercial site in North Reading. By cutting out the middleman, we save and in turn, you save.

Every estimate for a new roof includes copies of company credentials and evidence of insurance coverage for workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.

About Our Roofing Services in Reading, MA

We have selected products from the biggest shingle manufacturers in the country, such as GAF-Elk, IKO, and Tamko, which offer a wide variety of styles and colors. We are glad to answer any questions you have about the most popular Limited Lifetime Shingles or other styles to best fit your home and needs, along with the various manufacturer warranties that are offered.

What distinguishes the service you will receive from Duval Roofing?

Not only does Duval assure you of the best workmanship and materials, we install your new roof within the strict rules of manufacturer certification and Massachusetts Contractor Licensing. Because of our efficiencies and experienced roofers, we can install most new roofs in just one day. Our growth has been largely due to referrals, neighbor to neighbor, so we take customer service seriously, as reflected in our promises to you. Most of our roofers have been with Duval Roofing for more than 10 years making our team one of the most experienced in the business. Because of our equipment fleet and use of technology, we can operate at the highest level of quality with the minimum time and expense.

If you are a Reading homeowner looking for the the best workmanship at competitive prices, call Duval Roofing today or use the form at right to request an estimate.



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