Duval Roofing installed new roofs for neighboring historic homes on Main Street in Andover. The building that houses Andover Podiatry, pictured below, was originally built in 1863. The home now is used for both business and residence. We completed the roof installation for the main house in one day, and re-roofed the separate carriage house the following day.

Re-roofing Historic Andover Home

The steep roof required scaffolding for workers’ safety. We use custom made teflon tarps (shown above) to protect shrubbery and the lawn. These are made out of the same material as bullet proof vests and are thick enough to hold the weight of old shingles coming off the roof without tears or punctures.

The roof for the house abutting the property (below) was installed the same week. This home has had several add-ons but the original structure dates back to the early 1860s. These neighbors had done their research and knew Duval Roofing was the right roofing contractor to protect their historic homes for the next several decades.

New Roof on Historic Andover MA Home

Both roofs had turrets and cupolas which can be particularly tricky to shingle properly. Traditional shingles are 3 feet wide, but for the circular turret shown below, the shingles are first cut to about a foot wide so they can be laid properly to provide complete protection and a pleasing design. Some roofing companies decline this type of work because it is tricky and time-consuming, but our experienced roofers enjoy the chance to show their artistry.

Andover Podiatry Roof Replacement

The main building was completed in less than a day, and since it houses a business, the job was done on a Saturday so there was no disruption for customers or employees. As you can see below, the roofing job was completed well before the sun set!

New Roof on Andover Home

Like the main house, the carriage house still has the original wood boards that date back more than 100 years. They are stained from the home being re-roofed over the years, but still in great shape. Asphalt shingles didn’t come into wide use until the 1920s and 30s, so this home would have likely had wood shingles earlier in its life.

Installing Roof on Andover Carriage House

Our crews take great care to keep the job site clean, and we remove all waste at the end of the day. Landscaping is protected during the installation.

Roofers clean job site

Whether your home is historic or recent construction, Duval Roofing offers a wide choice of roofing materials and the most professional roofers in Andover. Contact us for a free estimate.