Get a New Roof in One Day

Sitting inside a house while roofers are hammering and nailing overhead is not pleasant for people or pets. Once you’ve decided it’s time to install a new roof, chances are you’ll want it done fast, with as little disruption as possible.

After more than 25 years in the roofing business, Ken Duval has refined the process of installing a new roof so a standard job can be completed in just one day.

What Does a New Roof in One Day Mean to You?

  • Lower costs – because of our efficiencies we are able to keep our pricing low
  • Little chance for damage or delays from unexpected weather events
  • No waste, dumpsters, equipment or materials left on your property overnight
  • No missed work – a one day roof job is usually done between the time you leave for work in the morning and come home in the evening
  • Minimal disruption for pets

Here’s how we do it.

1. Proper Assessment of the Roof


Ken Duval

Ken has nearly 30 years experience as a roofing contractor and does all the estimates himself. Every customer gets the benefit of his expertise.

One of the biggest fears among homeowners is that they can get hit with extra charges once the jobs starts. But that shouldn’t happen says Duval, “if you take the time to talk with the homeowner about all their concerns and have the experience to assess the possible issues with the roof.”

A proper assessment means fewer surprises and better planning so that the job is done on time and the customer is satisfied with the work and price.

2. Large Team of Experienced Roofers

Duval sends one crew of 10 experienced roofers on each job. Most of them have been with Duval for more than five years, and six have been with the company for more than 10 years. Because of their experience, Duval’s roofers know how to do their individual jobs and they know how to work with each other as a team. Few other roofing contractors have such a dedicated and experienced crew.


3. The Right Equipment

Duval has assembled a full equipment fleet, housed on a commercial 3-acre parcel that includes a transfer station for recycling and a truck terminal that allows for wholesale purchases of roofing materials.

“Having the right equipment means that on roofing day, all of the materials and machines needed for the job can be transported to the job site” says Duval. He even brings backups of essential equipment, such as air compressors for the pneumatic fasteners (nail guns). If one fails, no one needs to leave the site to get a replacement. 

Duval also has a dedicated truck for blown-in insulation installation that carries the blowers, protective equipment, and of course the cellulose insulation itself. Another truck holds the gutter making machine. So in addition to installing a new roof in one day, Duval can usually install attic insulation and guttters in the same time frame.

“And we bring our own truck-mounted generator so that we don’t have to rely on access to the home or drain the customer’s power supply.”


4. Meticulous Planning and Proven Systems

Ken gives the crew a diagram of the roof on the morning of the job, with sections color coded for each crew member. Each worker is responsible for finishing his own section, and the more experienced workers are assigned the more difficult sections of roof. This ensures that the roofers are all working efficiently and no time is wasted discussing who does what.

Because of the proper assessment, Ken can spec out the exact materials needed and have them loaded and ready to go, along with any added machinery necessary such as a seamless gutter making machine or the blower for cellulose insulation.

When the crew gets to the job site they know exactly what to do and where to do it, so that no time is lost.


Getting a new roof doesn’t have to be a drawn out, painful, or mysterious process. Contact Duval Roofing for a free estimate and then come home to a new roof.