Customer Reviews

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results of yesterday’s roofing job. My house looks great with the new roof and I am no longer worried about bad weather. And additionally the yard is spotless. It is amazing to me that it all got done in a single day.

Your team is fantastic. They are so fast and worked so well together. The foreman was so professional and was a pleasure to talk with. He took the time to explain what they were doing and he was pleasant and professional.

You came as a recommendation to me from my neighbors, and I will confidently recommend you to others.

Don Groves, Wilmington, MA
The estimate that was provided with a presentation portfolio was very impressive. Ken obviously had done his homework with the detailed diagrams that were provided. The roof job was completed in one day with very little disruption. A safe door opening was always available through the course of the day that was monitored by the foreman in charge. Clean up was on par, and the roof looks great !
Dennis Reynolds
Thank you very much for the significant discount you gave the parish for our new roof. I am so grateful for the wonderful and considered support that you give to our parish. I hope and pray that the Lord will bless and reward you for all of this wonderful generosity of heart. Please know that we are a very grateful parish and you are a very prized member of it.
Rev. Thomas M. Gillespie, Pastor, Church of Saint Theresa
After researching and receiving several quotes to replace may aging roof, in 2004 I contracted Duval Roofing of North Reading, MA to install the new roofing on my home. They installed a beautiful architectural roof on my home in one day. The crew that responded to do the roof was professional and respectful. At the completion of the job, I could not find one piece of the old roof anywhere on the property or any incidental damage caused to my property.

In the summer of 2010, I noticed a roof shingle that had lifted. I called Duval Roofing and my call was returned promptly by the owner’s wife. She said she would send out someone to look at the roof right away. The next day someone did respond to my home and much to my surprise it was the owner himself, Ken Duval. He checked the roof and found that a roof board under the shingle had lifted. He addressed the problem immediately and it was fixed. I was impressed with the fact of how honorable he was and his willingness to stand by his work. I often thought about having a 30-year roof installed on my home [and was concerned] if the roofing company would stand behind it. I am not concerned now, knowing that I had Duval Roofing install my roof. If you’re looking for a new roof or roof repair, I strongly recommend you contact Duval Roofing.

Ken Stache, Wakefield, MA
After receiving several quotes for a roof a few years back, it was clear from the start that Duval Roofing gave the best price. In addition to an unbeatable price, they were professional, courteous, quick and clean. When the job was finished, you would never have known that we had an entire crew working on our home that day, as they were in and out quickly and efficiently. Prior to the roof being done, we had many years of leaks and problems. Since then, everything has been perfect and we have had no issues. If you are looking for a roof in the area of North Reading, we highly recommend Duval Roofing.
Alicia and Jim Tremblay, North Reading, MA
Phillips Ventures has been using Duval Roofing for nearly 20 years and they are definitely one of our most trusted contractors. They have roofed hundreds of homes for us, all of great quality and price. They consistently show up on schedule and finish on time. The crew is well managed, easy to deal with and very clean. Comparing all of the roofing contractors we have used, Duval Roofing is definitely at the top of our list and are highly recommended.
Phillips Ventures, Custom Home Builders
I went with Duval Roofing knowing they were by far the most qualified and reputable roofers in the area (just look at his client list). Not to mention seeing them do most of the roofs around town. Everyone I inquired to gave high praise for his operation and efficiency. I am happy to be added to their referral list!
Carol Houlihan, Reading, MA
Living around the area I have seen these guys’ trucks everywhere. So I called him and was surprised at the price compared to his competitors, who seem to lack the experience of Duval. Not only did I save a big chunk of change, I got the best roof by a guy who seems like he will be around for a long time to come.
Richard Bettencourt, Reading, MA