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Mold Thrives in an Aging Roof in Peabody

Homeowners in Massachusetts went through trying times in 2015. Not only did brutal snowstorms in January and February cause damage on a headline-grabbing scale, the aftermath proved to be just as destructive. For many, mold was now thriving in their roofs.

The aging roof on this house in Peabody was hammered by ice dams and significant leaks.


Like many others, the owner had neglected the roof for years. The roofing materials had become severely degraded and the ventilation and insulation just weren’t up to the job. When the storms did hit, water poured into the house.

It was time to replace the roof.

But just how much time and money would that cost? It’s a question that Ken Duval gets asked often – desperate homeowners really need to know. “How bad is it up there?”

Ken doesn’t like surprises any more than his customers do. His specialty is installing a new roof in one day, and that requires careful planning based on decades of experience as a roofing contractor.

“As ugly as some of those photos are, it wasn’t a surprise to us to find so much mold and damage in the roof of this house in Peabody,” Ken said. “We estimated the job accurately, finished the job in a day, and the customer didn’t have any last-minute add-ons that can raise the price and cause delays.”

How Moldy is Your Roof?

The photos below show how much mold had crept its way throughout the roof of this house. Many homeowners wait until leaks appear inside before replacing a roof, but as you can see from the extent of the damage, it’s clear the moisture has been building for years in this home. Waiting until you see water inside the house is a risky gamble that can entail thousands of dollars in preventable costs.

Improper Insulation > Moisture > Mold Growth

Mold will grow anywhere there is constant moisture, and in roofs and attics, improper insulation and ventilation are two primary causes of excess moisture.

The insulation that had been installed in this Peabody home more than 20 years ago didn’t have a chance of holding up to New England winters. The paper-wrapped fiberglass insulation in the home was only an inch or two thick. If it registered any R-value at all, it would have been in the single digits. In Massachusetts, insulation needs an R-value of 49 to meet code.

“Addressing attic insulation problems is easier, cheaper and more effective when it’s done during a new roof installation,” Ken said. “In this case, with the decking off, we could make sure of even coverage with the insulation material.”

Proper Roof Ventilation Prevents Mold

One of the main reasons that this home suffered problems with ice dams and leaks is that it was not properly ventilated. Since this home did not have an overhang or soffit vents, Duval’s crew installed fixed vented drip edge to allow for adequate air circulation.

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Quick Fixes Make for Lasting Roof Problems

Prior contractors tarred over improperly installed chimney flashing to try to stop leaks. It didn’t work. Duval’s crew used a diamond saw blade that can cut through mortar to install the flashing correctly for a tight seal.

A New Roof in One Day

“Like nearly all our new roof jobs, this one was completed in one day,” Ken said. “I have a crew of 10 workers and a foreman who’s been with me 39 years. Seven of the ten crew members have been with Duval Roofing for more than 10 years, so they are all very well trained and know how to work together quickly to get the job done.”

“We bring all our own equipment and materials, and even bring redundant machines so if one fails, we have a backup on hand.”

With an seasoned team of roofers, a full equipment fleet, and careful planning born of years of installing new roofs, Duval Roofing can do in a day what others may take 2-3 days to complete. At the end of the day, all the refuse was removed and recycled at Duval’s own transfer station.

The customer came home from work that day to a new roof with updated insulation and ventilation, a clean yard, and no more mold.

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