Blown-in Attic Insulation Installation

The best time to upgrade your insulation and ventilation is when installing a new roof. Duval Roofing has a truck dedicated to blown-in insulation installation that is packed with blowers, a generator, protective equipment, and the proper quantity of insulation material.

Because of Duval’s commercially zoned property in North Reading, we can order cellulose insulation in bulk. Our fleet is ready to roll on the day of the roofing job, and almost all of our roofers have more than 5 years’ experience. Quality of installation is as important for insulation as it is for a new roof.

With the materials and equipment at hand, our insulation installers can usually upgrade your attic insulation on the same day that the roof is installed, saving you the expense, time, and discomfort of a messy project. Our installers ensure professional coverage, and as with all our roofing jobs, the cleanup at the end of the day is comprehensive. You can come home and put up your feet under a new roof and fully insulated attic. 

The Advantages of Blown-in Cellulose Insulation

At Duval Roofing, we exclusively use GreenFiber cellulose insulation because it

Blown-in Attic Insulation

  • is more affordable for the customer
  • can insulate irregular or hard-to-reach spots
  • is mold resistant
  • is treated to reduce flame spread and smoke development, with a Class 1 fire rating
  • does not have harmful emissions after application (as sprayed foam does)
  • controls sound transmission
  • is environmentally friendly; GreenFiber is made of 85% recycled paper fiber, processed in energy-efficient mills. It is not manufactured with formaldehyde or asbestos. The only additives are for fire resistance
  • is guaranteed for the life of the structure. If installed according to manufacturer’s instructions, the insulation will be free from defects and will not deteriorate under normal and proper use.

Duval Roofing’s Attic Insulation & Ventilation Services

Soffit Vent Baffles

Soffit Vent Baffles

Our insulation installation service also includes baffles to protect soffit vents from becoming clogged by the insulation, and we can install barriers around any light fixtures. Ridge vents are included with all our roof installations and we can add soffit vents as well.

Installation costs vary depending on the size of the attic, the status of existing insulation, and accessibility. A broad ballpark is that installing insulation and upgrading ventilation to your attic will amount to about 10% to the cost of your new roof, much of which may be recouped with lower energy costs.

Not sure if your insulation is up to code? Contact us for a free phone consultation and roofing quote.